A linter and formatter for help you improve copywriting, to correct spaces, punctuations between CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

brew install autocorrect
Or just install via this:
curl -sSL | sh

Like Eslint, Rubocop, Gofmt ..., AutoCorrect allow us to checking soure code, and output as colorized diff with corrected suggest. You can intergrating to CI (GitLab CI, GitHub Action, Travis CI....) for use to checking the contents in source code. Recognize the file name, and find out the strings and the comment part.

基于 Rust 编写的 CLI 工具,用于「自动纠正」或「检查并建议」文案,给 CJK(中文、日语、韩语)与英文混写的场景,补充正确的空格,同时尝试以安全的方式自动纠正标点符号等等。

类似 ESlint、Rubocop、Gofmt 等工具,AutoCorrect 可以用于 CI 环境,它提供 Lint 功能能便捷的检测出项目中有问题的文案,起到统一规范的作用。